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Steve Taylor

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Steve Taylor Headshot

Steven Taylor is a technology ambassador, innovator, thought leader, and executive entrepreneur. He has a history of predicting future technology trends as well as helping shape advanced technologies.

An Electrical Engineering and Biochemistry graduate of Memorial University, Newfoundland, Steve is an active member in the oil & gas and technology communities, and is passionate about shaping the future of the oil & energy sectors through innovative technology.

A year prior to graduation in 2001, Steve and his business partners launched IDBLUE, the world's first handheld device that combined RFID and bluetooth. IDBLUE technology is still being used today, and is actively sold world-wide through channel partners.

In 2013, Steve and his business partners realized that the oil & gas sector could become more efficient and effective through digital technology, and they launched radient360. radient360 is a provider of digital work performance solutions for the oil & gas sector, optimizing safety and integrity programs with digital applications, resulting in reliable data, improved workflows, better decision making, and increased profitability through access to real-time analytics and dashboards.

Steve is an active member of the technology community, and is involved in a variety of industry groups and associations, including ADIANL, the Canadian Industry Standards Association committee for Auto-ID standards, and was a founding member of the Microsoft Partner Advisory Council for RFID.