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Past Chairs of the Board

Years of dedication to driving the success of the techonolgoy industry in Newfoundland land Labrador have seen NATI become established as an essential part of the sector.

Throughout this time NATI has been, and still is, governed by a board of directors made up of industry representatives with a common goal: to ensure the prosperity of the technology sector in NL.

The Chair of the Board of Directors leads the board in its decisions and actions to ensure NATI's duties to its members are being fulfilled. These Chairs of the Board have provided the leadership and guidance which have allowed NATI to grow as an association. NATI acknowledges the support and dedication of its past chairs, whom are listed below.

Past Chairs of the Board

2016-2017: Ajay Pande

2014-2015: Chris Dillon

2013-2014: Chris Spurvey

2011-2013: Gerard Duggan

2010-2011: Paul Dubé

2009-2010: John Harris

2008-2009: Barry Dawe

2007-2008: Jeff King

2006-2007: Todd Hiscock

2005-2005: Des Whelan

2004-2005: Derek Sullivan

2003-2004: Ian Edwards

2002-2003: Harold Snelgrove

2001-2002: Cathy Favre

2000-2001: Emad Rizkalla

1999-2000: Emad Rizkalla

1998-1999: Paul Hatcher

1997-1998: Terry Johnstone

1996-1997: Terry Lomax

1995-1996: Erin Keough

1994-1995: Dennis Young

1993-1994: Dr. Jack Clark

1991-1993: Gerry Power