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Commercialization Officer Internship and Directed Research Program (COIDRP)

The NATI Commercialization Officer Internship and Directed Research Program (COIDRP)

This 52 week cost-shared internship program is intended to support technology commercialization training and experience for individuals with an appropriate background in business, engineering, science and/or other equivalencies.

The purpose of COIDRP is three-fold:

  1. To provide practical, hands-on work experience for new post-secondary graduates in the areas of R & D and product commercialization, as well as experience in trade and export activities designed to support commercialization;
  2. To enable the participating companies to develop their  capabilities through the provision of in-house R & D and commercialization advisory services;
  3. To increase the commercialization of products and services for NL-based companies.

Placements are limited and selection is competitive; preference will be given to NL companies who demonstrate a focus on commercialization and directed research, and show that they can provide an intern with a quality placement.  

Participating companies must be actively engaged in the commercialization of advanced technologies in the oceans, biotechnology, ICT and similar information related sectors.

For more information, please contact:

Nancy Drover