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Girls Learning Code Summer Photo-Editing with Pixlr (Parent/Child)

Join Ladies Learning Code on Saturday, 30 September 2017 from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM in St. John's for Photo-Editing with Pixlr!

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Why learn about Photo-Editing?

Photos are a great way to tell stories, and using digital tools designers can create new worlds through photo editing!

Join us to learn the basic fundamentals of photo editing! Through this hands-on learning experience, girls will learn how to use Pixlr, a free browser-based image editing software similar to Photoshop. Girls will learn all about retouching and superimpose objects into photos, by putting costumes onto animals (digitally, of course!), and creating new worlds through editing different scenes (and selfies)! Each Photo Editing with Pixlr workshop has the same flow, but different activities. Come and create new images every time!

As a group, we'll also learn about design theory and composition, and go through how to crop and resize photos, how to use the magic wand to remove objects, and how to put two photos together using layers. Pixlr's easy-to-use interface will also encourage girls/kids to continue playing and experimenting outside of the workshop!

Is this workshop right for you?

This is a beginner workshop for Girls ages 8-13 who are new to Pixlr.

What will I have learned by the end of this workshop?

  • Create digital drawings using the Brush tool
  • Form objects using basic shapes
  • Change  colours and transparency in my project
  • Use layers to create depth in my project
  • Tell a new story by editing an image
  • Use the account I created to KEEP EDITING!

What is Girls Learning Code? 
Founded by the same women who introduced  Ladies Learning Code in 2011, Girls Learning Code is less about "code" and more about changing the world - through teamwork, creativity, and, of course, technology. 

What Makes Girls Learning Code Different? 
Girls Learning Code has been designed specifically with girls in mind, by the team who founded Ladies Learning Code. When developing plans and curriculum for workshops, we keep in mind a recurrent theme in research on gender and technology: girls approach the computer as a "tool" useful primarily for what it can do; boys more often view the computer as a "toy" or an extension of the self. Thus, the theme of workshops are "Changing the World" and how technology can be used as the means, not the end. 

Check out  this video of one of our Girls Learning Code camps in Toronto. 

What parents say about Girls Learning Code: 
"My daughter went to the camp without a clear understanding of what a tech camp for girls was but was pleasantly surprised by the experience. She enjoyed every single day at the camp and showed great enthusiasm about the topic she and her group chose to present. I would not hesitate to send her to another tech camp with LLC whenever the opportunity arises." 

"My daughter wasn't sold on the idea of attending a "technology camp" for March Break. By the second day she was raving about how much fun she was having AND how much she was learning. What a great combination!" 

"I learned about Girls Learning Code from the Toronto Star. I looked into it and I thought it was such a great opportunity for my daughter to be exposed in the field of technology. I was really happy that she went to Girls Learning Code because she was introduced to different programming languages, exposed to companies like Google and Mozilla and had to work with different girls she's never met before. I wish my older daughter who is now in first year university had the same opportunity as her sister." 

"This was a great iniative that is needed to encourage females to become leaders in computer technology field. It was inspiring for my daughter to visit Google, to see a modern office space, to see a bilingual women in a leading position at Google. This camp provided a perspective to girls that they not only can play and use technology, they can design, create and become leaders in technology." 

"My daughter had a blast, the other campers were a great bunch of girls, they learned, grew and had fun. The venue was well chosen, the balance of activities was good. The extra little touches of caring were noticable and appreciated. The camp was down to earth and unpretentious but the counsellors took their jobs seriously. A+. I will recommend to other parents."

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