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Events Calendar

Hacking Oil and Gas: Hackathon

Friday, May 31 to Sunday, June 2, 2019
Location: Memorial University of Newfoundland - Engineering

What's a hackathon?

An industry hackathon is a process that brings people from various backgrounds and disciplines together to use technology and innovation to transform ideas into reality. There is a strong reliance on industry expertise to help define how the industry works and to highlight specific opportunities where a technical solution would make a positive impact on operations.

Teams immerse themselves in developing solutions and building prototypes guided by industry expertise, and the challenges and opportunities identified. Others, such as mentors and technical experts, can offer their guidance to teams with 1-2 hour time commitments.

The event culminates with a judging panel selecting the winning prototypes based on team presentations and demonstrations on the final day of the event. Prototypes demonstrate how a solution would work for industry and how the prototype can be further developed and brought to market. 


Friday, May 31

5:30PM: Pitch Clinic

6:00PM: Registration & networking

7:00PM: Welcome & hackathon overview

 8:30pm: Team formation & networking

Saturday, June 1

9:00AM: Breakfast

10:00AM: HACK!

6:00PM: Dinner

Sunday, June 2

9:00AM: Breakfast

9:30AM: HACK!

2:00PM: Demos begin

3:30PM: Judges deliberate

4:00PM: Winners announced

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