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NATI Export Program

The primary objective of the NATI Export Program is to support the international business development activities of advanced technology companies in Newfoundland and Labrador (NL), and to provide them with opportunities to develop the skills needed for international business development.

Created in 2003 by NATI with the support of ACOA, the Export Program is one of NATI's flagship initiatives and provides tangible support for the NL advanced technology sector's growth. The Program is the backbone of NATI's business development activities, and is the main support for many of the Association's projects and initiatives.

Each year, NATI undertakes a review of the industry's needs and market direction, and together in consultation with our members we determine the top activities for NATI that will deliver maximum value for the membership, and the sector as a whole. Under the Export Program we are able to work with our members to develop funding and business development initiatives that respond to the sector's needs.

We're always interested in your opinions, your biggest challenges and successes, and how NATI's Export Program can better assist your export growth goals.

Below are some of the key highlights for NATI's Export Program.

As a member-driven organization, NATI relies on your input to deliver initiatives that positively impact your company's growth.


Cost-Shared Translation Services Program:

This program will assist companies with translating their marketing materials into the language that is relevant to their target market. This service assists our companies to begin the process of opening new markets by assisting them to create marketing collateral in the target region's language - the most important first step to presenting a product or service to a foreign market.

Training Sessions

Domestic export training sessions are local events generally focused on the export capabilities of NL businesses. These events focus on best practices for becoming export ready, and for NL businesses already exporting, these events offer the information and tools required to grow their lines of business.

These sessions target groups of 20-30 attendees in mini-workshops, seminars, and lunch and learn environments. Tentative topics include, but certainly aren't limited to:

  • International Sales & Strategic Marketing
  • Blueprints for Successful Startup Communities in the Shadow of Oil
  • Biotechnology and Life Sciences Commercialization Boot Camp
  • Entrepreneurship and Leadership Training

Speaker's Series

NATI will host a series of speakers over the coming months, including inbound international senior executives and procurement specialists in the areas of IT/ICT, ocean technology, digital media and gaming, and biotechnology and life sciences.

These events would be delivered in partnership with provincial and federal agencies like ACOA, DFAIT, and IBRD, and be presented through a quarterly speaker's series.

International Trade Shows & Conferences:

One of the main areas of support provided by the Export Program is to support business to business activities for NL companies attending international trade shows and conferences. NATI's method of trade show recruitment follows a bottom up approach, meaning membership interest must be demonstrated in order to proceed with a mission. Through this model we have led successful trade missions to the United States and South America.

We continually seek expressions of interest on key international events that we perceive to be of interest to the local community. At the same time, we encourage our members to contact us with markets and international trade events that are of interest to them. We would appreciate your input on markets that are of particular interest to your company.

For more information on any of the opportunities listed below, please contact Nancy Drover at or 709-757-3253.

As a local software development and consulting firm, we strongly value our relationship with NATI as we strategize on exporting our software product and services on a global front. We admire their mission to support and improve the technology business climate in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador, and we’ve been an active member for the past 10 years. In particular, we have participated in the Export Program, and are impressed with the professionalism and expertise the employees at NATI demonstrate. The efforts and member dedication from them has allowed us to gain the necessary resources we need by hiring talented professionals to join the sales and marketing teams. By doing so, this enables us to pursue markets within Canada, the US, South America, and Europe. Those talented individuals hired under the Program have broadened the research scope within the technology sector, and have helped us integrate partnerships with large software companies worldwide. We are very pleased to be involved in NATI’s Export Program.

Kevin Duggan, CEO
Camouflage Software Inc.