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Bluedrop Backgrounder

Bluedrop Performance Learning Inc. is celebrating 20 years in business this June.  In 1992, Emad Rizkalla was one of four young engineering students who turned the final term mechanical engineering project into a product concept that ultimately failed. However, in the process, the company discovered the world of e-Learning and re-tooled for new horizons. In late 2003, Bluedrop spun off its IT consulting services into ZedIT Solutions and Vision 33 to focus on advancing the cause of performance learning. Bluedrop was christened in 2004 with a mission to simplify and humanize the concept of synthetic learning and make it accessible to corporations and individuals.

After completing a reverse takeover of a Vancouver company on January 26, 2012, the company became publically traded (TSX-V: BPL).  It has very ambitious plans that it will roll out in the coming months and felt that being publically traded would enable it to achieve them.

Bluedrop's Mission: To deliver value added learning solutions that enable global workers and corporations to achieve their full potential. We combine technology and learning in the service of getting People Ready™.

Over the past 20 years, by employing Subject Matter Experts in strategic areas of growth, Bluedrop has developed strong domain expertise in Defence and Aerospace, Healthcare, Energy and the Public sector. 

Bluedrop aims to revolutionize workplace learning and leave its mark on how people learn and succeed on the job.  Over the past three years, the company has invested over $3.4 million in R&D, gained acceptance for its vision to help make People Ready™, received unquestionable early market validation in the markets it is building, and built a high performance team eager to change the world.

 In the twelve months prior to the business combination with Serebra, the company started work on over $12 million in new multi-year contracts,  added an office in Halifax and expanded its offices in St. John's and Fredericton.  The employee count went from 40 to over 100. This resulted in year-over-year revenue growth of over 100% at strong gross margins.   The strong growth continues.

 Bluedrop's final year as a private company was spent preparing for the next chapter.  The company invested in the infrastructure and systems necessary to embrace a period of substantial organic growth and to prepare for the rigors of being a public company.  The company also put together a very experienced and capable Board of Directors chaired by Derrick Rowe.

 Today Bluedrop is recognized as one of the most pedigreed and established training companies in the world. Our Defence and Aerospace division works globally and is expanding into the world of low-cost simulations.  Watch this space.

Bluedrop also saw tremendous pain and dysfunction in workplace training.   The company recognized the future of learning required something more honest, more compelling than anything the market had to offer.  To take advantage of a learning culture, it was important to understand how learning happened and make the technology disappear.  Double talk and techno-babble were out.  Common sense and simplicity were in.  The most important thing an organization could do for learning: put the individual in the middle of it. 

Enter CoursePark®.

CoursePark ( is Bluedrop's cloud based learning management solution. It integrates modern social networking, informal learning, formal learning and collaboration.  It creates a seamless user experience.  It is simple.  It is usable.  

By targeting workers who want to manage their lifelong learning in one place, CoursePark provides an irresistible value proposition to employers.    Employers can choose CoursePark to track and manage individual learning, build courses in minutes in PowerPoint, or select from one of 5000 top rated courses in our CourseMarket to enhance their competitiveness.  As with Facebook or LinkedIn, individuals exist on CoursePark.  Their learning history and objectives are portable, sharable (with their permission) and available.  There is no fee to sign up and get started.  Through NATI's SMARTFORCENL program, CoursePark is available at no charge to employers along with thousands of free courses.

The CoursePark platform is barely out of beta testing and already has almost 50,000 users in 100 countries.  It contains over 5000 third party online courses from MS Excel to Harassment Prevention to Leadership to Health and Safety.   The world's top publisher use CoursePark to deliver their courses.

Whether Defence and Aerospace or small companies around the world, Bluedrop's approach to learning leverages proprietary technologies to help our clients getPeople Ready™.