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Camouflage Software

Camouflage Software: leader in enterprise-class data masking solutions.Camou Slider

All too often, today's headlines depict countless data breaches, privacy attacks, and data security violations occurring at organizations of all kinds. Spurred on by legislative requirements to protect sensitive data within an organization and a trend towards global outsourcing, data masking has emerged as a new standard for data security and protection.

The threat can be found inside any organization where regular full-time employees, part-time employees and interns, temporary workers, former employees brought back for special projects, or outsourced employees and offshoring vendors are able to view personally identifiable and other sensitive information residing on your databases. According to one study conducted by the Ponemon Institute, 88% of breaches are reported to have happened from inside the organization while only 1% were perpetrated by outside hackers.

About Camouflage

In 2001, the then Plato Group was awarded a contract with a federal agency that revealed a critical requirement for protecting sensitive information during software development and testing. Recognizing the need for masking sensitive data as an opportunity for innovation, Camouflage Software Inc. was born.

Camouflage is an enterprise-class data masking software suite that has been used in securing some of the largest databases on the planet. The technology identifies, classifies and de-identifies personal and sensitive information on databases that are accessed and used in both test and production environments.  The result: a database with realistic properties that still acts and looks like before, without displaying the actual data to users.

Competing in the global arena

Camouflage consistently competes head-to-head with industry giants, is the only company of its size competing against them, and is considered one of the founding fathers of data masking by Gartner. Camouflage has a well-recognized client base many of them ranking high on the Fortune 100 list in industries like aerospace, healthcare, financial services, education, and insurance, to name just a few.

Camouflage was recently positioned as a Challenger in the first ever Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Masking Technology report published and released via Gartner's global network in late December. Gartner releases Magic Quadrants based on industry, and includes vendors from all over the world. The Magic Quadrant for Data Masking Technology includes many major global players, and Camouflage is the only Canadian-based company to be positioned in the Challengers quadrant. Learn more about how Gartner evaluated Camouflage by downloading the complete report for free here.

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