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ClearRisk: Global Player in Insurance Software

ClearRisk is a Newfoundland born and bred company founded in 2006 to dominate the global insurance industry and is well on the way!  "There is no clear leader in software for the insurance industry, so we are putting that stake in the ground." Said Craig Rowe, Founder and CEO.  "ClearRisk has become a recognized and trusted brand in our 6 years and we have some very large clients in Canada, the US and beyond."


ClearRisk's cloud based and mobile solutions and SaaS business model are reducing customer costs significantly.  "We automate previously manual processes and because of the cloud and a modern business model our solutions cost less and perform better", said Rowe.  In 2011, ClearRisk was named one of the Canadian Innovation Exchange's top 20 most innovative companies in Canada.  Also in 2011, ClearRisk won Hubspot's global award for inbound marketing.


Rowe continued that "ClearRisk not only sells innovative products but we use innovative approaches to our business."  ClearRisk's products include risk management and accident/incident software for any company, as well as insurance specific software for insurance companies, insurance brokers and adjusters.  "Because of our market success, innovation and progressive culture we have been able to attract a very talented team," said Rowe.  "It's a lot of fun to be using the latest and greatest tools to be building innovative solutions for one of the biggest industries in the world, so I guess that's attractive to talented and ambitious people."


ClearRisk is venture backed by Growthworks, and has the support of the NRC and ACOA Nationally, and IBRD Provincially.  For more information please contact or visit or