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EMSATâ„¢ specializes in the design of Real-Time, Remote Environmental Monitoring Solutions for commercial and government sectors. The Company was established in 2010 by founders with diverse backgrounds wanting to develop a business which would help protect the environment. The team saw an opportunity to leverage existing innovative technology and build a software solution to allow resource-based industry real-time monitoring of environmental impact in and around their operations.

In a modern world where information is at everyone's fingertips and environmental protection is paramount, industrial operators need modern solutions to ensure sustainable, environmentally friendly operations. Advances in sensor technologies mean smaller devices capable of measuring a broad range of environmental statistics can be deployed in and around operations to monitor environmental effects and instantly alert in the event of an incident. Advances in communication mean the information can be streamed from anywhere on the planet directly to decision makers to make informed decisions and manage reporting.

EMSAT is developing partnerships with sensor providers and satellite communication experts to deliver powerful real-time environmental monitoring solution. Providing a single point of contact for customers, EMSAT focuses on meeting client needs by incorporating key technology into innovative custom solutions. EMSAT's competitive advantages are its real time technology and software as a service specifically designed to meet the high demand for increased environmental efficiency and a reduction of both cost and risk.


EMSAT is committed to creating innovative and reliable solutions for complex challenges that occur in the professional environmental monitoring market. The company strives to achieve seamless integration of its products and services with client operations to provide value and unparalleled results.


The EMSAT software solution streams data from remote sensors into intuitive interfaces with powerful dashboard, reporting, and compliance tools. The software platform is intuitive and customizable for any real-time, remote environmental monitoring needs. EMSAT gives customers easy access to timely, actionable environmental information to improve responsiveness, ensure regulatory compliance, accelerate reporting, demonstrate stewardship, and much more.

The EMSAT Environmental Monitoring Software (EMS) system is sensor agnostic with the ability to connect to any sensor or system. The system is configurable to allow customization for clients in a range of industries and different monitoring needs from offshore oil and gas exploration to real-time Green House Gas (GHG) monitoring in remote locations.


EMSAT is a young company with steady growth. EMSAT built the core of its software with the support of federal and provincial funding and followed up with a pilot project of the system for integrated GHG monitoring in Alberta. EMSAT has formed partnerships with complementary technology providers in Europe, North and South America. The Company has a series of projects currently being planned and hope to make some exciting announcements in the near future.

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