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INFINITUS Marketing + Technology

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What We Do

INFINITUS helps their clients establish themselves online in a way that's never been done before in our region or province. Many of their clients have won awards for the marketing and technology work developed with INFINITUS. These clients represent many different businesses and organizations across the spectrum, including food production, health and wellness, politics, tourism, and industry. Locally, they have partnered with diverse clients such as Marble Mountain, Newfoundland Outfitters, Royal K9, Simmons Tire, and Woodward Auto Group.

We're Proud to Report

Our agency's approach of partnering and coaching our clients has been a great success so far. In just four months, we've reached over 22,000 people through our website, have won 11 awards for our own website, and launched 23 websites and online marketing strategies for our clients. Over 7,000 smart owners receive our marketing tips by email each week. (Are you on the list?)


We believe developing the culture around technology is important so that as a society we can live a better life and reach more people. We see first hand the impact that technology (especially when it's paired with marketing) can positively affect communities, organizations, and people. We're proud to be a part of an organization that supports these initiatives.