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Member Spotlight: Atlas Management


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Owner Terry Hussey, P. Eng, MBA, PMP, talks about his business, offering insight as to how it operates, how it's different from the competiton, the niche it serves, and how it fits into the community of industry associations such as NATI:

What we do:

Atlas Management is a professional services company which provides Project Management and Business Analysis skills to clients in multiple industries in the Province. The business idea originated when I was working for Plato Consulting during its huge growth period between 2007 and 2010. Plato's owners' entrepreneurial leadership inspired me to set out on my own.

Atlas Management is founded on my experience in Project Management, Business, and Engineering. Our goal is to claim a position of leadership in Newfoundland and Labrador by relying on a consultation model that prioritizes client confidence and service value. We are building a team of talented professionals to achieve that goal.

Atlas Management has worked with both NL Hydro and the NL Centre for Health Information in the past two years. Our work in multiple industries has expanded our knowledge base and improved our overall quality of client service. This increases the quality of our services and helps our clients know that they will benefit from our focus on quality, value, and dependability.

How we stand out from the rest:

Atlas Management's motto and philosophy is "Your Projects, Our Shoulders." While some technological firms view consultants as a necessary evil, we strive to create relationships that provide measurable benefits to our clients. Given the explosive growth of the local economy it has been challenging for companies to meet their staffing needs. When a project needs to start immediately and the timeline to hire the necessary staff is three to six months, a partnership with a company such as Atlas Management can enable faster starts with fewer logistical complications.

We believe that the role of our company is to help our clients bridge situational gaps via both short-term resource relief and long-term knowledge and skill transfer to their staff. The latter is what we believe the best consulting firms focus on as it establishes a basis for mutually beneficial long-term relationships between clients and their professional services providers.

While an outsourcing model for project and product development is logical for many large organizations, most small to medium sized enterprises will benefit from conducting their development work in-house. Atlas Management's core value is our ability to help clients overcome immediate obstacles while offering the skills to independently face the unforeseeable challenges of the future.

Our niche, and how we serve it:

We do not view ourselves as direct competitors with the larger technology consulting firms in the Province. Rather, as Project Management specialists we are able to partner with these firms on their large-scale projects. Our vision is to become a contributor to the field of Project Management through the collaborative engagement of all clients and industry partners.

 Technological companies exist on the basis of expertise, and the level of technical expertise required for the creation of a new product or service is astounding. Often when firms pursue such specialized knowledge, awareness of other fields can lag behind. Atlas Management's focus on Project Management in multiple industries enables us to keep eyes on the best practices in the field.

Our role within the 'community' of industry through organizations such as NATI:

Atlas Management places a high priority on being active within the local technology sector and its community. We are founding members of the local chapter of the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA). We are members of the NL chapter of the PMI. We are also members of the provincial engineering association (PEG-NL). Active participation in these associations helps our team maintain strong ties to other professionals in similar industries. The free exchange of knowledge and techniques between technology professionals is one of the most rewarding experiences for a small firm such as Atlas.

Within NATI, we hope to establish ourselves as a valued contributor to the association and industry as a whole. I greatly enjoy meeting the other members of the association and learning about their backgrounds and entrepreneurial stories.



I would like to extend a personal invitation to any members who would like to get together for a coffee and conversation. Members can contact me directly via email at or phone at 746-5266.