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Notus Electronics Ltd.

NOTUS Electronics Ltd. is a developer and manufacturer of advanced net monitoring solutions for the commercial fishing industry. Established since 1992, the company has brought a number of sophisticated wireless monitoring systems to the market. The overall driving force behind development and marketing has been reliable products that remain affordable for all size vessels.

NOTUS' head office is located in Newfoundland, Canada. NOTUS has also established a branch office in Spain (Notus MarĂ­tima). This branch office is managed by an ex Captain and provide full sales and service.

NOTUS' products are supported in other countries via a wide network of distributors and dealers that have been comprehensively trained in service.


Notus supplies trawl sensors and purse seine sensors to improve your fishing operation.

Finely tuned fishing gear can greatly increase your vessel's profit.  Inefficient gear can be a catastrophe from a fishing and financial standpoint.  Notus offers net monitoring solutions so you can be confident you have the maximum fishing capability.

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