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SPARK Interactive

SPARK Interactive launched August 2012, bringing together the thinking of two award-winning companies to create a new offering in the Atlantic Canadian marketplace. SPARK Marketing, established in May of 2009, acquired Essential Coding in a deal that saw the creation of the new entity under the SPARK umbrella that focuses on delivering marketing technology solutions to clients throughout the region. 

The addition of technology to the marketing equation is crucial for progressive companies moving forward.  There are new advancements in technology everyday. But without striving to find creative solutions to apply that technology, the technology will fail to live up to its full potential. The same can be said for marketing and advertising - without technology, efforts fail to reach all target markets.

The game hasn't changed, but the arena has. The rules are different, so your strategy needs to evolve. If you want to beat your competitors, you need a new game plan. That's exactly where the union of strategy and technology comes in.  


Spark Interactive's core capabilities are Web Development, Interactive Marketing, Mobile, E-Commerce and Apps & Applications.  While these services will always be our at our root, we're pleased to add SPARK's core capabilities of marketing strategy, brand development, social media strategy, content creation and a full creative studio to our roster of services. Having both the technological savvy and marketing flair allows us to seamlessly take your company to the next level.