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Startup Canada

Startup Canada is Canada's first ever entrepreneur-led, national movement to enhance the nation's competitiveness and prosperity by supporting and celebrating Canadian Entrepreneurship.

Startup Canada has recognized that the current enterprise ecosystem in Canada is highly fragmented; entrepreneurs working within it are challenged in identifying and accessing support, building networks, and sharing knowledge and best practices as a result of this fragmentation. Startup Canada aims to fix this by creating a national entrepreneurship strategy using a grassroots approach; the action taken and changes made will be entrepreneur-led to ensure the vision is clear and the strategy is relevant.

At the National Launch on March 19th 2012 the Canadian Government officially endorsed the campaign, commending the founders and deeming it an "inspired" effort. While this commendation came with no financial support, it is a testament to the organization and the plan Startup Canada has for repairing the broken Canadian enterprise ecosystem.

The movement has already started in Canada, with provincial tours having taken place in Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Ontario, New Brunswick, and Alberta. As a result of these tours, over 8,400 Canadians have been engaged. Flash mobs, town hall sessions, speaker's corners, and a massive social media campaign are just a few examples of what has been happening in Canada to promote and celebrate our entrepreneurs.

Startup Canada will be touring Newfoundland and Labrador in July 2012. The tour will include town hall sessions, where NL entrepreneurs will have opportunity to voice opinions and share input on the challenges that they face in our province. The result of these sessions is the inclusion of the NL entrepreneurship community's voice in development of Canada's national entrepreneurship strategy.

In addition to town hall sessions the tour will include networking events and luncheons, youth workshops, a media campaign, business open houses, and much more. The tour is being organized by a provincial steering committee, led by the Newfoundland and Labrador Association of Technology Industries (NATI).

Questions or comments about Startup Canada in NL can be directed to Brittany Brinston at 709-757-3251, or


How You Can Get Involved

Startup the Provincial Tour

Startup the team

  • Think you've got what it takes to help make this happen? If you're ready to commit to helping bring Startup Canada to NL, enquire about becoming a member of the steering committee

Startup your business

  • Feature a Startup Canada product during tour week, host an open house, display our posters, or get creative and think of your own way to get your business involved!

Startup the conversation