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ATIGS Grow Export RFP

Sunday, July 22, 2018


Atlantic Trade and Investment Growth Strategy Delivery of a Pan-Atlantic Export Readiness Program

Grow Export Phase 1

The Government of Canada and the four Atlantic Provinces launched in 2016 the Atlantic Growth Strategy. With this Strategy, the federal and provincial governments in Atlantic Canada have committed to collaborate on a pan-Atlantic basis on targeted actions to stimulate the region's economy, support both innovative and traditional industries, increase job opportunities for Atlantic Canadians, and focus on persistent and emerging regional challenges.

The Atlantic Growth Strategy's objective is to drive long-term economic growth in the Atlantic region by implementing targeted, evidence-based actions under the following five priority pillars including Trade and Investment.  Under the pillar of Trade and Investment, the Atlantic Trade and Investment Growth Strategy (ATIGS) was developed to be a collaborative, pan-Atlantic approach to support the region's long-term economic growth through global competitiveness from trade and foreign investment in the region.

On behalf of Atlantic Trade and Investment Growth Strategy (ATIGS) partners, the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency is seeking proposals  from  qualified proponents with demonstrated expertise in training and educational program management, workshop logistics, and program planning and coordination to implement and manage components of the new exporter readiness program "Grow Export" within all four Atlantic Provinces (PEI, NS, NB & NL).

In delivering the Grow Export program, the proponent will work with an established Pan-Atlantic working group and will provide the leadership and direction it requires to manage all elements of the Grow Export program in each of the Atlantic Provinces. This work will culminate in the development, delivery and presentation of a final report.  

Eligible applicants for the Request for Proposal include:

- not-for-profit incorporated entities,
- provincial Crown corporations,
- municipal governments,
- not-for-profit organizations owned or controlled by a provincial or municipal government,
- local economic development associations, and
- post-secondary educational institutions. 

Federal departments and federal Crown corporations are not eligible applicants.

Commercial entities may partner with 'eligible' proponents for submission.

Click here for the Request for Proposals. Deadline for submission is Monday, December 4, 2017.