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Hacking Health St. John's Call for Sponsors

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Hacking Health St. John's, a chapter of Hacking Health, launched in September 2016. Hacking Health aims to transform healthcare by connecting healthcare professionals with designers, developers, innovators and entrepreneurs to build realistic, human-centric solutions to front-line healthcare problems.

Hacking Health St. John's Hackathon

The first Hacking Health St. John's Hackathon, taking place from March 31st to April 2nd, 2017, is a weekend-long hackathon that breaks down barriers to healthcare innovation by bringing together IT and healthcare professionals to collaborate, dream up & design apps, devices and solutions for patient-centric care.

Over 48 hours, designers, developers, project managers and patients collaborate with doctors, nurses, hospital administrators to rapidly develop digital & mobile health solutions as well as and some viable businesses.

It all starts with project leaders pitching their ideas to the group, and then teams form - developers and patients are free to join whatever projects catch their interest. Then it's a two-day mad dash to the finish line as teams work furiously to design, build, and test working prototype. At the end, everyone presents what they've finished and provides a quick demonstration if they're able.

Call for Sponsors

Hacking Health St. John's is not possible without the support of their partners and the community. Sponsoring the Hackathon is a great opportunity for your company, one which will provide exposure and recognition both leading up to and during the event.


If you have any questions, please contact Ron Taylor ( or Florian Villaume (