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NATI Biotechnology & Life Sciences Commercialization Workshop

Thursday, August 16, 2018

NATI has contracted with Rob Merson of Merson Corporation to deliver a 1 day Biotechnology & Life Sciences Commercialization Workshop for the local community. Mr. Merson brings a successful track record of assisting biotechnology and life sciences companies and researchers to kick start their commercialization efforts, and we're excited to offer this session to the local community!

Please see below for more information on the workshop, our facilitator, and registration details.

Robert Merson - Merson Consulting Inc.

Facilitation Experience - Robert Merson

Robert Merson has facilitated over 50 workshops during the past 15 years, in various areas of health and innovation. The following sample engagements are projects where R. Merson was the lead facilitator. Previous engagements have been conducted either through Merson Consulting, or as a subcontractor to an affiliated organization:

- National Government Agency - Biopharma Strategy:R. Merson facilitated a series of workshops with government agency researchers and industry partners to prioritize and operationalize a final plan for a national multi-institute biopharmaceutical strategy.

- National Imaging Strategy - Public / Private Co-Sponsored:R. Merson facilitated a national session that brought together ~50 leading imaging stakeholders across Canada to discuss opportunities for innovation and commercial development.

- Canadian Research Strategy for International Pharma:R. Merson prepared an overview on research programs and technology strengths in Canada; facilitated a session with 20 internal stakeholders; and developed a high-level roadmap of priorities based on the outcomes of the session.

- Regional Facilitation Workshops in Mexico:Launched as part of the US-Mexico Partnership for Prosperity, aimed at fostering the development of the life sciences sector in Mexico and facilitating partnerships between US and Mexican institutions. The initiative focused on assessing the national environment for life sciences innovation in Mexico; analyzing the regional capacity in the life sciences sector in three regions of Mexico City, Monterrey, and Guadalajara; and providing recommendations to support the growth of the industry. Conducted in partnership with the US Council on Competitiveness. These sessions were done primarily in English, with some supported by a translator.

Mr. Merson is experienced in delivering facilitated sessions for senior level stakeholders across Canada and internationally. Facilitated sessions have ranged from smaller groups of 3-8 individuals to larger groups of up to 50 individuals. Mr. Merson's expertise lie primarily in the field of health innovation and research, however past project engagements have included a variety of facets of the health care sector in Ontario, as well as other regions in Canada. In addition, Mr. Merson has experience in delivering facilitated sessions for other innovation sectors in the US and the UK.

This workshop will be held on Tuesday, February 25th, 2014, at the NATI offices located at 391 Empire Ave, Suite #5.  The following day, February 26th, will provide the opportunity for one on one meetings with the consultant.

  Workshop Format

Day 1: Bootcamp, Panel, and Pitch

  • Morning discussion on what is required to start a life sciences company (tailored based on feedback from participants)
  • Pre-lunch panel on pre-commercial / venture funding
  • Lunch speakers (successful companies - lessons learned)
  • Afternoon session on pitching ideas, solving common challenges and identifying partners (participants have opportunity to share a business idea)
  • Wrap-up on critical next steps for success

Day 2: One-on-One Coaching

  • Individual meetings (pre-arranged) with prospective entrepreneurs and early stage companies


The deadline to register for this session is Friday, February 21st, 2014. The registration fee is $25.00 per attendee; nutrition breaks and lunch will be provided to participants.

Click here to register.

In order to structure a session that will best fit the needs of the various participants, we are requesting background information of individuals / companies who are planning to attend. Please click here to complete the Participant Pre-Workshop Survey and return it to Natasha Hudson. 

If you have any questions, please contact Natasha Hudson, Business Development Executive, NATI.