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Tuesday, May 21, 2019


Game Developers Conference

San Francisco, CA

Mar 18-22, 2019


The Newfoundland and Labrador Association of Technology Industries (NATI) will be leading a delegation (pending approval) of up to 16 Atlantic Canadian companies to the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco, California from March 18-22, 2019. The business-to-business initiative will consist of matchmaking ahead of the mission and the scheduling of business-to-business meetings before and during the conference.

Participating companies will have all access passes for GDC as well as meeting space available through the Canada Game Nation booth as well as through the online matchmaker service.


NATI, ACOA and provincial partners have coordinated recruitment, and NATI will be the lead agency on the project.

The project will consist of:

  • A review of participating firms;
  • Consultation with company officials to ensure that their meetings objectives are clearly understood;
  • Undertaking a systematic prospecting campaign on behalf of each company to schedule a minimum of three (3) meetings;
  • Coordinating the logistics associated with the business-to-business meetings, including ground transportation logistics;
  • Preparing a detailed mission summary report  within thirty days of completion of project reporting on the individual company results.


Project tasks are categorized under four (4) phases: 

Phase 1:  Assessment, Guidance and Mentoring

  • Work and communicate on a weekly basis with the company delegates throughout the pre-mission period to ensure that mutual goals set by the delegates and the Consultant are being met and problems are being addressed in a timely fashion.
  • Assist delegates in strategically preparing for doing business with potential partners/buyers. This involves knowledge of Atlantic Canadian technology, products, services, and business environment and theneeds of the international business community. This also includes identifying gaps, and providing mentoring as required to assist delegates in preparing strategically for the mission.

Phase 2: Trade Opportunities and Delegate Profiles

  • Identify potential business partners for Atlantic Canadian delegates based upon criteria established through the profiles and meetings. Identify potential opportunities for Atlantic Canadian delegates.
  • Understand the needs of Atlantic Canadian companies and what is required for successful international business partnerships in an effort to generate strong business meetings and potential partnerships with organizations that can fulfil their needs.
  • Develop a listing of companies that will be attending GDC that match the requirements and interest of each delegate identified above.
  • Schedule and coordinate business meetings. Minimum of three (3) meetings with potential partners per company/institution are required. Each of the three (3) meetings must be pre- qualified and with key company personnel from their respective organizations.
  • Scheduled meetings are to meet the objectives of the delegate and hence, the quality of the match is crucial.
  • If two or more Atlantic Canadian delegates with competing interest are to meet with the same company, the delegates and NATI are to be notified and concurrence received prior to these meetings being confirmed.
  • Provide delegates and NATI with an update on the matchmaking process on a weekly basis by email. Updates should include specific information with regard to any issues, mentoring activities, and matches arranged.
  • Provide delegates with an individual agenda, including a detailed profile on each of the companies they will be meeting and opportunities to discuss. The profile is to include a website, company address, and company brochure or written description of the firm and their products or services and this information should be provided to the delegate 5 working days prior to the mission. The profile should also include the identified opportunity and linkages to Atlantic delegates mission objectives.
  • Provide 50% of all matchmaking appointments for each company 8 working days prior to the commencement of the mission. The complete list of matchmaking appointments is to be provided to the delegates and NATI within 1 week prior to commencement of the mission. The list should include address (if applicable), phone, e-mail, contact and website address.

Phase 3: On-Site Support at GDC

  • Provide on-site support during the mission. This requires a presence at the event, as well as help with problem solving and opportunity enhancement at the conference itself. The matchmaker will participate in the mission to help facilitate the business program on-site including being available to provide on-site consultation to delegates as well as trouble shoot any items (pertaining to meetings) as needed.
  • Assist in the welcoming briefing session with the Atlantic delegates on March 17, 2019.

Phase 4: Post Show Assessment, Final Report and Recommendations

  • Within four weeks of the mission end date, provide NATI with the final list of firms, including complete address for which meetings actually took place with the mission's delegates. Also, provide a final report summarizing the matchmaker's activities and recommendations as well as a breakdown of contracts signed during event, projected 12- month sales, partnership agreements, technology transfer agreements, generated leads and new alliances from GDC trade mission.




Delivery Date


Mentoring/Matchmaking Update



Provide 50% of all matchmaking appointments

8 working days prior to commencement of the mission


Provide completed list of matchmaking appointments

5 working days prior to commencement of the mission


Provide final detailed profiles of matchmaking appointments to delegates and NATI

5 working days prior to the commencement of the mission


Participate during the mission to facilitate the business program

March 17-22, 2019


NATI representative


Complete Final Report and list of meetings

April 22, 2019




The consultant will begin work immediately upon signing of the contract with NATI. The expected start date for this project is January 2019 pending project approval.



The successful consultant will be determined based on the following criteria:

  • The extent of knowledge and experience in relation to the project;
  • Network of contacts, specifically as it relates to Digital Media andGaming;
  • Understanding of the scope and objectives of the proposal;
  • Proposed approach, work plan andschedule;
  • Cost* (in Canadian dollars)

*Determination of best value may not result in the lower cost being accepted



  • Please include in your quotation any administration expenses - mailings, telephone, etc. (participants are responsible to pay their own accommodation costs). For budgeting purposes, the consultant should develop and present its fee schedule on a per-company basis. It is expected that up to 16 companies will be recruited for the initiative.


Payment schedule is as follows:

  • 25% upon signing of contract
  • 50% upon submission of final matchmakingschedule
  • 25% holdback paid upon satisfactory completion of the project.

Failure to meet a five-day advance deadline for receipt of the final matchmaking schedule may result in adjustment to the final holdback/payment.



The proposal should include a company prospectus, services offered and background and experience of qualified personnel relating to the project management and project team. In particular, the proposal should note the consultant's capabilities in the Digital Media and Gaming sector. If possible, names of former clients for whom similar or relevant work has been performed should be presented as references, as well as a description of the work completed.

Selection will be based on the capabilities and experience of the project team, adherence to the terms of reference and budget. The lowest cost, or any, proposal may not be selected. Any further inquiries should be made to: Nancy Drover Andrews, Senior Director, Business and Communications, NATI, at (709) 725-7070. Proposals may be submitted e-mail no later than 12:00 noon NST, January 11, 2019 to


Appendix A

Evaluation Criteria


Evaluation Procedures

Proposals will be assessed based on the criteria specified.

The clauses of this section of the RFP are categorized as "Mandatory" or "Rated" Requirements. Mandatory items are identified specifically with the word "MANDATORY".

a. To be considered responsive, a bid must meet all the mandatory requirements of this solicitation. Bids not meeting all mandatory requirements of this solicitation will be given no further consideration.

b. The bids meeting all the mandatory requirements of this solicitation will be subject to a point rating evaluation



1. Bidder MUST submit a company profile with their proposal, including résumés and roles of all personnel who will be participating in the project.

2. Bidder MUST provide a list of similar work projects undertaken in the past three years (3) and substantiate that the firm has gained technology development and commercialization experience through these projects, as well as any international marketing and competitive market analysis experience.

3. Bidder MUST demonstrate a minimum of three (3) years' experience working with companies in the areas of Digital Media and Gaming, as well as working with international governments in Trade Development.


RATED REQUIREMENTS (Maximum 100 points, Minimum 60 points)





Significant knowledge of opportunities in the market and Digital Media & Gaming sector. 

Note 1: Significant knowledge is defined by breadth and depth of knowledge


Note 2: Must score at least 15/20





Understanding of market business practices and culture learned through direct business experience.




Demonstrated network of contacts from the Digital Media and Gaming sector.



Demonstrated ability to successfully coordinate trade missions





Quality of proposal



Demonstrated understanding of the project, its objectives and metrics for evaluation



Completeness and suitability of approach



Recognition of conflicts of interest and any problems and creativity of solutions offered



Identification of in-market partners to complete the project



Cost **(in Canadian Dollars)