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Triware and NATI offer InFocus Lunch and Learn: Collaboration and the Mondopad

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Thursday, August 21st from 12:00 - 1:30 PM
NATI Boardroom, 391 Empire Ave., Suite 5 

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Join InFocus to learn more about their solutions that can make your meetings more collaborative, engaging and cost effective.

As a global leader in the visual communication market, InFocus wants to show you how their digital displays and visual solutions can help make your bright ideas brilliant.

InFocus is the heart of collaboration and they are dedicated to helping people in every industry communicate, create, and be more effective every day.

Join us on August 21st  to see their solutions up close and personal and learn how they can help you with productivity and business communication. 


Session Outline

InFocus Touch Solutions:

The Mondopadis a 21st century conference room solution that puts everything you need to visually present, capture and share ideas at your fingertips - all integrated into a single device.

We will show you all the features and benefits of the Mondopad and how to use them to make your meetings more effective.


  • Mondopad's whiteboard and annotation apps make it easy to brainstorm and capture and share ideas.
  • Maximize ROI with built in InFocus video conferencing for meetings in your office and between offices
  • Sharing documents and visuals during a meeting is amazingly easy with the Mondopad's intuitive and familiar folder structure

The BigTouch & JTouch Family

  • Tablets are fun. Touch is intuitive. The InFocus BigTouch employs a beautiful 55 or 70" display that allows that enjoyable experience, and your content, to be seen and shared with a Windows 8 PC built right in.
  • The InFocus JTouch combines precise touchscreen technology with a bright, colorful LCD display to engage audiences in classrooms and beyond.
  • Whiteboard Like a Pro - Add our optional BigNote whiteboarding app to turn your BigTouch or JTouch into the best digital whiteboard available.

InFocus Visual Solutions:

InFocus brings together the tools that let people meet face-to-face wherever it's most convenient for them-from the videophone on their desk to the big-as-life touch screen in a meeting room. Either way, all users get the same consistently high video quality that traditional, expensive videoconferencing offers.

  • Learn About our current offering:
  • MVP100 Video Phone - Video calling made affordable for everyone
  • BigConnect - Video Call Direct from you PC
  • InFocus 121 Video Calling - Cloud-based calling at a down-to-earth price
  • InFocus ConX Group Video Meeting Rooms - The most cost-effective way to group videoconference