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You’re Invited: Ocean Supercluster Update and Information Session

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Monday, October 30, 2017
1 Arctic Avenue, NRC-OCRE Building, MUN Campus, St. John's


Ocean Supercluster Submission - Phase II

On October 10th, the Government of Canada (GOC) kicked off the announcement that the Ocean Supercluster submission from Atlantic Canada is one of the nine industry consortiums across the country that will compete in the final round of Ottawa's $950M Innovation Supercluster initiative. The "Oceans Supercluster" is a consortium of Atlantic Canadian marine-based companies, innovators, and researchers. Full applications are due from these shortlisted groups by November 24th and the government plans to announce up to five successful bids in early 2018.

With the news that Atlantic Canada's dynamic and innovation-driven Oceans Supercluster is one critical step closer to being designated one of Canada's few globally significant innovation Superclusters, business leaders and key stakeholders across the region are asking two key questions:
1. What does this mean for me and my company?
2. How can I help make this happen?

Join OceansAdvance at 2:00pm on October 30th at the NRC-OCRE Building where several of the key architects of Atlantic Canada's comprehensive and integrated Oceans Supercluster bid will be in St. John's to answer these and other key questions about the success of the Round I proposal, as well as, what success in Round II would mean for our community.

It is a discussion you will not want to miss. Your support and active participation, along with Atlantic colleagues and counterparts, will likely prove critical to the success of the collective efforts going forward.

Click here to RSVP no later than 12 p.m. on Thursday, Oct 26th. A large turnout is expected for this important information session so please reserve your seat early as space may be limited.

Note parking is available in the MUN parking garage to the west of the NRC building.

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