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A Reminder from Triware about RANSOMEWARE

Posted Thursday, May 29, 2014

Our New Reality

Triware Technologies has seen an increased level of activity from RANSOMEWARE similar to "Crypto Locker" within the last 24-hours and multiple clients have been affected by this new strain of exploit.

What Should You Do?

Due to the significant and sudden increase in the number of affected PC's we've seen, we'd suggest a few proactive steps be taken to minimize the potential that you lose data in your office.  

  1. Inform staff not to open email messages from suspicious or unknown parties. These may look legitimate and indicate you have an ELECTRONIC FAX, E-TICKET, TRAVEL ITERNARY, etc. attached or to retrieve electronic download.
  2. If you suspect an email is legitimate and does not have a file attached, be careful to review the email and "mouse over" any links in the email before clicking on them to see if the link is hosted on a safe legitimate domain name.  
  3. Consider BLOCKING ALL executable downloads from user PC's so that users are not inadvertently exposed to the ability to retrieve files that can harm their PC's and infect the rest of the network. We can help you make this change and it won't affect your ability to download the majority of content such as web sites, emails, or business documents.
  4. If you suspect you've been infected or experience any errors opening data files, contact us immediately.

Virus signatures change daily and organizations looking to exploit vulnerabilities do make strategic changes to avoid detection and get through safety mechanisms. Combining good network security with best practices and a cautions approach to suspicious content is always the best advice.