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Agile Sensors and Solace Power Partner to Develop Next Generation eUAV Components

Posted Friday, September 2, 2016

Newfoundland-based companies unlock new applications for eUAV manufacturers with auto hover/land and wireless recharge capabilities.

ST. JOHN'S, NL. September 2, 2016. Agile Sensor Technologies (Agile), a developer of intelligent robotics components such as FPGA multi-motor controllers, and Solace Power (Solace), a developer of leading edge wireless power technology, announced today they have received a contract from The Boeing Company to demonstrate integrated wireless charging and auto hover/land capabilities for electric unmanned aerial vehicles (eUAVs).

"We are thrilled to partner with Solace and Boeing on this project," said Holly Hill, COO at Agile. "The partnership between Solace and Agile has shown that Newfoundland-based companies can compete on the world stage to provide innovation and unique value to some of the largest organizations in the world."

"This is the 3rd investment in the development of Solace's wireless power technology by Boeing, and represents their continued support to see wireless power technology commercialized for use in eUAV charging applications," said Matt Kelly, Director of Business Development at Solace. "By integrating Solace and Agile's capabilities, our companies can provide manufacturers a solution that will truly eliminate human interaction from eUAV operations."

Agile has been able to push the timelines and launch of its product line as a result of this contract. The company continues to grow its St. John's office as it pushes the boundaries of robotics technology. To learn more about opportunities at Agile, visit their website at

About Agile
A Memorial University spin-out founded in 2014, Agile Sensor Technologies builds motor controllers using a proprietary System-on-a-Chip (SoC) design and algorithms that deliver a new way to intelligently control motors in commercial drones and industrial robots. Their solution is more power efficient than existing technology and can deliver real-time diagnostic data on the platform. Agile's mission is to make the world's smartest and most efficient motor controller.

About Solace
Solace's technology allows companies in the aerospace/defense, automotive, industrial and consumer electronics markets to eliminate the need for cables and connectors in many applications. Companies can take advantage of Solace's spatial freedom and flexible integration capabilities to reduce manufacturing/maintenance costs, decrease cabling weight, and improve overall application design for the next generation of products.

Communication Contacts:
Agile: Brendan O'Keefe +1 709 753 2907
Solace: Rane Brennan +1 709 745 6099