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Call for Nominations - Innovation in Practice Awards

Posted Thursday, February 16, 2012

For the first time ever, celebrate the practice of Innovation! 

As a longtime observer of business innovation, Progress Media is launching an awards program to recognize, reward, and promote innovation in the public sector. Here is your opportunity to nominate!

Governments at every level influence business, education, social and cultural institutions right across Atlantic Canada.  Now governments face unprecedented challenges - housing, jobs, rising health care costs, environmental issues, demographic shifts, and the confluence of falling revenues, and increased social welfare spending.

Governments need to embrace innovative approaches to daunting problems.

With innovation as a priority objective, our region will become more productive, competitive, and resilient.

An efficient, effective public service sector is integral to Atlantic Canada's prosperity.

With government focused on creating an innovation driven region it is possible for scientists, entrepreneurs, investors, and policy makers to collaborate in building a new era of opportunity and prosperity.

In addition, facing long-term budget constraints, governments will come to depend upon social innovation - social entrepreneurs and creative public sector initiatives - to face the incumbent emerging challenges.

Any organization in the public sector in Atlantic Canada, which includes provincial, federal, municipal governments, crown corporations, agencies, educational institutions, NGOs - not for profits/industry associations, economic development agencies, military, universities, school boards, health boards, is eligible.

There will be a celebration of Innovation in Practice - Public Sector workshop and awards reception for finalists representatives on April 25, 2012, presented by Cisco.  All finalist representatives, sponsors, and very special guests will engage in an Innovation Laboratory, and finish the day with a keynote by the President of Cisco Canada, and the presentation of awards. Progress print and online will feature finalists, winners and photos. Nominate the public castor of your choice for an exciting, fun, productive experience!

Click here to submit your nomination.

Nominations are due by Monday, March 5th at 5:00 pm.