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Camouflage Enhances Intelligent Data Masking

Posted Thursday, June 25, 2015

New features improve workflow and accelerate the delivery of secure data

St. John's, NL, June 25, 2015 -

Camouflage Software Inc., an industry recognized pioneer in the field of sensitive data masking, is pleased to announce the latest release of its flagship Camouflage Enterprise™  Data Masking software.

The latest release, Version 4.4, introduces workflow enhancements that streamline the process of leveraging sensitive data discovery to automatically inform data masking rules. A series of enhancements were made within this version, including a number of performance accelerators, and support for Java 8.

"With this latest release of Camouflage, we continue to demonstrate our commitment to delivering intelligent data masking with unparalleled ease of use", says Kevin Duggan, President and CEO, Camouflage Software Inc. "By continually making it easier for customers to protect sensitive data, we enable them to unlock the tremendous value of their information assets."

Detailed highlights of Camouflage Enterprise™ 4.4 include:

-  Enhancements to the core discovery workflow featuring streamlined out-of-the-box delivery of search rules to find common sensitive data for verticals such as Health, Education, and Financial Services.
-  Simplified application of discovery search results via suggested masking rules. Driven directly by the discovery process, these "Masking Strategies" are automatically applied to accelerate the overall masking process.
-  Numerous performance and process enhancements were made with this release including significant improvements in overall runtimes for SQL Server.
-  Support for Java 8 has also been added with this release.

To learn more about Camouflage Enterprise™ v4.4 or obtain your upgrade contact us directly at 1-866.345.8888 or

About Camouflage
Camouflage Software is recognized by Gartner and Bloor Research as a leading expert and pioneer in the field of sensitive data management, security, and data masking. The company's innovative, customized, and experience-driven approach has helped many fortune 500 companies protect their sensitive data, and corporate reputations. Camouflage specializes in fortifying the defenses for those industries most targeted for data breaches-finance, insurance, education, and healthcare-with proven results.
Camouflage's world-class solutions offer identification, classification, and anonymization of sensitive information in both test and production environments. This enhanced level of security allows organizations to comply with increasing legislative and industry requirements surrounding data management, while combating the increasing threat of cyber-attacks and data breaches.

Camouflage-Defending Data

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