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RDC Investment Focuses on Corrosion Research at a Coastal Exposure Test Site

Posted Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Research and Development Corporation (RDC) is pleased to announce an investment of $598,000 to build research and development capacity and expertise in corrosion research, an area of significant interest for the oil and gas, marine shipping and other industries who work in the Arctic and other harsh environments.

"Activity and global interest in the Arctic is increasing as the region becomes more accessible and new opportunities emerge for economic growth and development. Newfoundland and Labrador is well positioned to play an integral role in the future development of the region.  With this funding we have an opportunity to develop world class facilities and expertise in corrosion research and testing, which is an important step in placing the province as a real world laboratory for Arctic and harsh environment research."

- The Honourable Susan Sullivan, Minister of Innovation, Business and Rural Development and Minister Responsible for the Research & Development Corporation

The project includes a $350,000 investment in a new R&D test site in Argentia and $248,000 in an R&D project to model Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI), led by Memorial University researcher Dr. Faisal Khan in conjunction with industry partner Husky Energy. Husky and MUN's School of Graduate Studies are contributing an additional $126,000 to the project.  Dr. Khan's research into CUI is the first project to be conducted at the site. The project will develop a model to determine the CUI rate in harsh environments and help anticipate the need to perform maintenance on subsea pipelines and other equipment.  

"Corrosion of equipment offshore and onshore is a major concern for oil and gas producers, ship owners and others. To diversify our R&D landscape, Newfoundland and Labrador must invest in the expertise, research and infrastructure required to address these needs, locally and globally."

- Glenn Janes, Chief Executive Officer RDC

RDC's recently commissioned test site will help assess coatings and materials performance in a real world environment. The exposure site will be used by researchers and businesses to evaluate the detection, measurement and analysis of asset integrity issues such as corrosion in harsh operating environments. 

Corrosion is a serious issue in harsh marine environments that can lead to major problems in health and safety, the environment, and productivity. RDC's test site will include test apparatus for CUI, coatings performance research and other research activities, a meteorological tower, exposure racks, security fencing, and data acquisition and communications equipment.



  • RDC is investing nearly $600,000 to build research and development capacity and expertise in corrosion research.
  • The investment includes the construction of a new coastal exposure test site in Argentia to help assess coatings and materials performance in a harsh environment.
  • The investment also includes support for an R&D project to model Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI), led by Memorial University researcher Dr. Faisal Khan, in conjunction with industry partner Husky Energy.


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Dr. Faisal Khan is a Professor and Vale Research Chair of Process Safety and Risk Management at Memorial University (Memorial). He completed his Bachelor of Science in Engineering at the Aligarh Muslim University; completed his Master of Engineering at the University of Roorkee and his Doctorate of Philosophy from Pondicherry University. Dr. Khan's research interests are in the areas of safety and risk engineering, inherent safer design, and risk-based asset integrity. He has over 160 papers in international refereed journals and has supervised over 80 students from the Masters, PhD, and Post Doctorate levels.