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Virtual Marine Technology Provides Lifeboat Simulator for Rowan Companies

Posted Monday, February 2, 2015

For Immediate Release January 16, 2015

Virtual Marine Technology Provides Lifeboat Simulator for Rowan Companies

Newfoundland- Virtual Marine Technology (VMT) is pleased to announce the provision of its SurvivalQuest lifeboat simulator training system to Rowan Companies, a global provider of contract offshore drilling services. The lifeboat simulator will be used to provide enhanced lifeboat launch and recovery training to lifeboat operators and marine crews and will complement weekly safety drills conducted onboard Rowan drilling rigs.

Increase Realism of Emergency Training

"Deploying the lifeboat simulator training system at Rowan will provide us with realistic training and competency assessment of lifeboat coxswains and marine crews, in a safe and controlled environment," says Michael Lawson, Vice President - HSE and Marine. "Lifeboat crews will be able to simulate a variety of difficult emergency evacuations and practice their skills using equipment similar to that deployed onboard most Rowan rigs."

The lifeboat simulator developed by VMT is a cabin-based lifeboat simulator system which uses Survival System International's CA-6000 lifeboat helm and controls. The system was fully customized for Rowan to include the physical lifeboat controls, a jack-up rig virtual environment and a visual system which replicates the lifeboat's field of view. The system also trains users in emergency situations specific to Rowan's offshore emergency response plans.

"We are very happy with the design of the single fall lifeboat simulator system," said Randy Billard VMT's Chief Technology Officer. "Rowan's marine and training team members provided subject matter expertise to ensure that VMT modeled the simulated emergency evacuation scenarios effectively. The system will allow lifeboat and marine crews to be exposed to realistic emergency situations not possible in conventional lifeboat training."

About Virtual Marine Technology

Founded in 2004, Virtual Marine Technology is a simulation training system provider specializing in maritime simulation systems. VMT develops high fidelity simulation systems to enhance and augment marine/maritime training for oil and gas operators, defence contractors, maritime training organizations and shipping companies. The Company has partnered with leading maritime institutions and organizations to research, model and simulate small craft motion, specifically lifeboats launched into less than ideal sea conditions.

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