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VMT PR: Prosafe Crew to Receive Emergency Evacuation Training using Newly Installed Lifeboat Simulator

Posted Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Scotland, United Kingdom - Virtual Marine Technology is pleased to announce the delivery of a second lifeboat simulator system to Prosafe. The simulator was custom built for training lifeboat coxswains onboard the Safe Zephyrus, one of Prosafe's newest accommodation rigs.  

The Safe Zephyrus was constructed at Jurong Shipyard Pte Ltd in Singapore.  The vessel complies with Norwegian regulations and is capable of operating in the harshest environments and with the highest standards of safety.  It can accommodate up to 450 people in single person cabins.

The installation of the lifeboat simulator took place in Scapa Flow, off the northeast coast of Scotland. "Our colleagues onboard the Safe Boreas have been using their freefall lifeboat simulator since May of 2015", says Mike Young, Vessel Manager of the Safe Zephyrus. "Feedback from the crew suggests the system is highly effective in training lifeboat coxswains for real emergency evacuations in extreme conditions and under significant stress. We are looking forward to having our Safe Zephyrus team trained in a similar fashion starting immediately".

In 2015, VMT custom-built and delivered a lifeboat simulator for Prosafe's Safe Boreas - one of 13 accommodation vessels in the Prosafe fleet. "Prosafe crew members who had completed conventional lifeboat training saw the benefits of the lifeboat simulator immediately", said Robert Rumbolt, Director of Operations at Virtual Marine Technology. "They felt the simulator exposed them to a level of training not possible using conventional lifeboat training methods.  The simulator has enhanced their confidence and abilities to effectively operate the Harding FF1200 lifeboats in an emergency situation".

The Safe Zephyrus is currently located at the Ivar Aasen platform offshore Norway.

About Prosafe

Prosafe is the world's leading owner and operator of semi-submersible accommodation/service rigs. The company operates globally, employs about 700 people and is headquartered in Larnaca, Cyprus. Prosafe is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange with ticker code PRS.

About Virtual Marine Technology

Founded in 2004, Virtual Marine Technology is a simulation system provider specializing in maritime simulation systems. VMT develops high fidelity simulation systems to enhance and augment marine/maritime training for oil and gas operators, defence contractors and maritime training organizations. The company models and simulates small craft including lifeboats launched into extreme weather and sea conditions.

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